Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Salon Review: Paradise Nails

So... Finally I'm well enough to blog about this nail place.

Place: Paradise Nails
Where: Newbury street
When: Monday Nov. 22nd

So me and my friend went to this nail place Paradise Nails since we had no time to wait at Miniluxe [awesome place].
The place is own by a husband and wife on a second floor apartment. I believe that the person who did my nails did a decent job. As I'm a manicurist I've noticed ALOT of flaws in the "salon":

For one the place was way to small and there were no vents to distribute CLEAN air. Therefore I became sick because of the fumes in the "salon" and the windows weren't open at all so it was just lingering in the air. Also the nail polishes weren't standing some were just laid down on it's side like it's chilling. The utensils weren't sterile so that got me on edge even more. Many should know that each customer should have individual nail filer and buffers. [For example mini luxe gives you mini ones =D] But the metal utensils weren't sterile and it made me very cautious since the person who did my nails pushed my cuticle back and it hurt more than it suppose to.

Another flaw was that the nail polish was left on my cuticle [BAD] while he was cleaning of my old polish. When he applied top coat the top coat was also on my cuticles. Although nail polishes on cuticle peels off during hot showers it's very bad. The chemicals inside the nail polish getting into your cuticle [EW!]and your cuts which will cause and infection. Even when the nail polish on the cuticle peels off that's also the reason why your polish on you nail chip off faster. Nail manicurist should ALWAYS take a bamboo stick that has a flat end with cotton on it dip into acetone [nail polish remover] and clean the polish that is on the skin. There fore the result will come to clean neat and not hazardous to clients.

The polishes, some are dry, some are ALMOST gone, and were diluted because it hasn't been use for along time. There weren't as many colors as i expected they would have. But as long as they have red it's find by me.

The price was fair. Manicure was $12 I believe. For a mani-pedi it is around $32 I believe. But it was so confusing finding the place since it's on the 2nd floor of an apartment. Not only that you have to ring the doorbell to go up. The hall ways and stair ways are very narrow so be VERY cautious especially when you're walking in heels.

~ Other than that it was a very decent visit to the salon. I wish the manicurist cut my hang nails. Even Miniluxe didn't do that for me I get pissed because I paid for good service.

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bostoniancouture said...

Let's book an appointment for miniluxe!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

lol... I don't go to places to get my nails done. I either do it myself or have a family member who does it. There's other techniques to remove the nail polish without trying to intefere with the one on the nails... although, it's better if it's not there in the beginning but mistakes happens. place being small is something I can tolerate, especially if it's on Newbury St. The renting is very pricey but no vent or no windows open or nothing to "clean or filter the air" is a big no in any salons in my eyes. I hate it when people don't have it going on. Good thing my mom is strict about those. For some reason, I think using the same file or buffer is okay but not overuse especially because some customers just come in once or twice a year.. but it would be a good idea to have different ones for regular customers.... even if it's just to leave in a plastic bag with their name on it. For the metal instruments, they really need to be clean and sterilize due to be able to grab onto any kind of infections and it last on there a lot longer... did you tip the person?

Sushiipalooza said...

nope lmao I'm very bitchy on how salons are

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