Saturday, September 11, 2010

Secret angels&devils

Hello angel/devils ladies =)
So i received my package yesterday on my doorstep as i was getting out to go meet up with my friend as i was walking i was looking at the box and couldn't wait to open it =) Once I had gotten to JFK station i took these photos.

My secret angel is Amy Naree <3
-Girl you save my life! lol my nail are broken and I also ran out of nose strip so thanks for the face mask =)
Small boxx =P

It's pink so My secret angel <3

Whats this? a Note from my lover ;] 

Look at all of these goodies =)
liivbotanicals vital day cream w/ SPF20, Lancome La rose deco, Revlon runway collection fake nails, 3 lip glosses (lancome juicy tubes smoothie, honey pump gloss neo,NYC lip color sugar angel) 2 packs of Maxim cafe menu, essence+soft mask, p.s. i love you body spray, 2 lancome sample (genifique eye, lancome tresor), new fashion earrings =)

I'm not going to lie I LOVE LANCOME!!! especially this blush! i have the sample and was going to save up for it but omg you are such an angel to me =) <3

You are seriously just in time lol! I broke my nails on Wednesday D=

I know it's blurry it's from avon so yea its liiv botanicals vital day cream with SPF20 =) Thank youuu <3

This face mask =) yayyyyy hahaha

~~ Thank you Amy for the gift <3 you dear have the best choice for any girl =) You are my savior I'm serious =) Thank you soo much for everything <3

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New video =)

So first video on my Youtube page Enjoy =)