Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Birthday =)

Today is/was my 19th birthday =)

-- The most SIMPLEST thing I've ask is for a "Happy Birthday"

But some people did a lot for me and I love them <3
-- I didn't ask for it, I appreciate them in all ways =)
~ Kyo, Hannie, Phi, Jivani, Thu, Rachel, and ESPECIALLY my mom =)

So... Yesterday (11/13/10) I had a mini party only 3 people came. Excluding my boyfriend. Jivani, Thu, and Rachel came. We all went to Ihop after playing Call of Duty: Black Ops. [Yes I play wanna fight about it?] After Ihop they left. Me and my boyfriend decided to rent some movies.. So we rented Scott Pilgrim VS The World, Killers, and Jonah Hex. THOSE ARE THE GREATEST MOVIE for one night with chips and dips =D

Today (11/14/10) is my REAL birthday =) Had a shitty morning but it was ALL good, Hannie [bubble butt] taught me how to drive =D then went out with phi phi for TGI Fridays. An awesome day it was ^.^ I didn't have a care in the world about people needing to be entertained or happy. [I used to plan my own parties so shit happens] Then one I got home my mom came home shortly with a cake.. White chocolate Mousse Cake.. to be exact. It's so yummy she also bought KFC =D *even more yums* then she gave me presents...
- Guess Keychain
- Two Hearts Forever One Bracelet
- And a BAG full of guess clothes



-- Thank You everyone and I mean it <3


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