Sunday, December 12, 2010

WTH happened to Sushi?

Well, thing is... I've been busy lately especially with school. Finals are coming up and I have LOTS of things to do. I've missed some homework because I was out sick. But it's reading beside I'm passing the class.

So I guess December IS my lucky month. 3 interview in one week. 1 interview on Tuesday 7th, and 2 interviews on Thursday 9th. Not only the interview went great BUT... -pause for greatest effect- I GOT THE JOB. YEP! I am hired and working for California Pizza Kitchen [CPK] in the Cambridge Side Galleria Mall. My position is a server and they are absolutely delightful. I was interviewed by 2 people. They both loved me. But there was one specific problem. My school schedule. Since training was on Monday at 4pm i wouldn't make it. The reason I was hired? Well they convinced the trainer to fix the time or move the training date to weekends for me to attend to. So she moved it to 6pm which is an hour AFTER I finish my class =) so yes I'm hired ^.^ not only that it doesn't take more then 20 minutes to get to the mall since it's SO close to the school. I simply hop on the Forest hill train to North Station [one stop] then get off hop on the green line to Lechmere get off at Lechmere Station then walk to the mall simple as that =)

But yes that's my update. I'm currently in the mist of making a few other blogs like "Sushi's College Adventure" and "Life Of Working"

Still in the mist of making it. I might start up my very own website. I don't know yet but I'm aiming for the 2 new blogs =)


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