Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Keep your face CLEAN!

So let's talk about cleanliness to the face to improve it to near perfection.

So lately I've been breaking out. Why? you make ask...
Old make-up proximately over a year old.

Old make-up should be thrown out between 3-6 months ESPECIALLY liquid make up and eye pencils or liquid liners

Once you open liquid from the first time you buy it bacteria will start to get into it than months later there will be a really distinct smell [really bad odor]

Only does it not HARM your face it makes you produce even more acne, red bumps, irritation, inflammation, and infections will start.

What kind of infection you make ask?
Well for one; using eye pencil, liquid liners, and liquid foundation - you will end up with an eye infection call conjunctivitis or pink - eyes. 

Another if you aren't convince; 
MRSA - Yes it can happen to ANYONE and it's infectious like a zombie apocalypse. 

Prevention to all of this; 
- Be Clean
- Always Clean your brush after EVERY use
- Wash your face or use face wipes before sleeping (DON'T EVER SLEEP WITH MAKEUP ON)
- Throw liquid make up away after 3-6 months
   ~ Liquid make up includes; Foundation, Eye liners, mascara, cream based make up products.
   ~ I would recommend that you squeeze the foundation and any other liquid make up onto your hand to use a brush instead of just putting the make up right onto your face with the brush that contacted the liquid make up. Of course the liquid liners you can use the brush.
- Powder should never be use over 1 year [even if there are left]

Products I've use to prevent:
-- So Lancome Creme Radiance [$30] and Neutrogena wave [$30]
~ I use these products either together or separate. I wash my face in the morning BEFORE applying makeup on. I would lather the Lancome Creme Radiance into my face then use the Wave to finish the rest. I works really well I'd use this method every 2 days. Afterward apply a toner.
- Lancome Tonique Radiance
~ This is the toner that I use. It's for mixed skin [oily&dry] Toner are for after after you wash your face with the face cleanser. It would take the dirt and oil that is left over that the cleanser haven't picked up.
-- Sephora Make up Face wipes [$15]
~ It's well worth the money. It's for when you come home late and are too tired to go to the bathroom and clean your face. Use this wipes to take your make up off. If you were to elave make up on all night I hope you love visitors that next morning [break outs]. Then apply toner.


- Brush Cleanser [It varies by products]
~ ALWAYS, ALWAYS clean your brushes so they are fresh for applying new makeup. Why must you clean your brushes? You don't want bacteria and oil from the day before BACK on our face right? Plus it sits there on your desk and collects the dirt and dust. Now you don't want that on your freshly cleaned face right?

Take these precaution and tips and your face will still be near to perfection =)

Even though make-ups don't have expiration date. You HAVE to throw them out even when it's expensive. I know it hurts =/ but you have to it's your health on the line. Not only that your skin will break out even more and not all of the skin care around the world could help you after. 



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