Friday, March 11, 2011

Care Package From Linda =]

So I walked out the door and ALWAYS I mean always.. I look in the mail box to see if the mailman pass by, I saw a package that was for me FROM my chi hai ^.^ and a letter for my sis lol [who cares about that part]
 --Chi hai the top left of the package it was opened, so I don't know what fell out so you tell me i took the pics of the stuff inside

There was this CUTE little note inside of the package for me =] that little orange spot is highlighted by a highlighter.

U.S. Air Force calculator!
- This made my day since me and my BF was making fun of the calculator. Since it was from the U.S Air Force we made C.O.D jokes about how it can calculate the direct hit for planes and where to put the spy plane =D

-- Yes the items =] which includes:

Pens, Highlighters, Tide to-go, Earrings, Necklace, Hot dark chocolate coco, 2 lollipops [my baby brother stole one]

-- So chi tell me if anything is missing! =] And Thanks a bunch ^.^ I'm definitely taking you out on your birthday once you come back =]

Monday, March 7, 2011

Reasons to why I wear make up

You see this picture what would come to mind; flawless, natural, beauty. Truthfully through my eyes I see many flaws because I made this face to be flawless. I use make up to cover the imperfections that are needed. I would never say I'm ugly in ANYWAY; overweight - of course I would think that. But NEVER ugly, why? because I'm beautiful to the heart. I'm a loving girlfriend, friend, daughter, and sister and nothing will EVER put me down on that. Sure people call me fat, I become moody and sad but you know what I get over it in a snap. But to go on about my make up... Well it's flawless. I'm perfect it to make it PERFECT to my liking. I only wear make up once in a blue moon because well, I don't have to impress ANYONE. But the days I do wear make up, it's to feel like a new person, a bit more confident. Truthfully I hate make up. The tackiness, the mess, the colors. It's hard to keep up. But I do things to make it flawless. One tip is to spray a mist of water on your face then dab with a sponge to give the airbrush look. Why buy airbrush machine when you can do it the dinosaur way! I don't like how vibrant the lipsticks are so I still use lipstick but I use it to tint my lips so it wont be overwhelming. I buy make up because I want it, not because I need it [Okay I lied, SOMETIMES I need it] but I have SO MUCH eyeshadow palette that aren't in use that I would just give it to anyone if I felt like it.

So my reasons? To feel confident and perfect the imperfections.

What I used:
- Amazing Cosmetics Concealer [Medium Beige]
- Bare Mineral Foundation Powder
- Rimmel London Exaggerate Water Proof Eye Definer [26|Noir]
- Maybelline Lip Stick [645|Red Revival]
- Fresh Up Balm [Cherry]

-- Stay Tune for give away--