Friday, November 12, 2010

My Weekend Shopping Spree

So weekend shopping spree.. Friday w/ Ann, Saturday w/ Thu, Sunday w/ Kyo, Phi, & Hannie, Monday w/ Kyo

Ann signed us up for an organic facial that was produced by the company Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone on Friday. I must say the stuff WORKS WONDERS!!! and I PERSONALLY LOVE IT. They did a half face treatment so I can compare with the "untouched" skin I was happy my face was literally brighter than the "untouched" side.

The products they used on me
[I'm allergic to coconut so they couldn't use coconut on me]
[I know it's backwards!]
So these are the two boxes of the products
Green Box: Acne Treatment w/ Green Apple Quercetin
USE: For the treatment of acne. Helps clear up acne breakouts. Penetrates pores to control acne. Helps prevent new acne blemishes.
Back of Box Info: You don't have to go bobbing for apples to get a faceful of their sweet goodness. Apple's awesome antioxidant, quercetin, increases skin's radiance, while salicylic acid assist in preventing future breakouts, skin will appear so smooth, bright, and clear, you'll believe us when we say "an apple a day keeps the spots away!"
-- OKAY! lol.. So this products smells SOO!!! good!!!! Literally it wont smell crappy that is my HONEST opinion I swear! It smells like green apples freshly cut into. The box was made from 80% of post consumer recycled paper. This product does NOT have - Parabens, Silicones, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Synthetic Colors, Synthetic Fragrance, Animal By-Products.
Purple Box: Face&Eye Cleanser w/ Acai Anthocyanins
APPLICATION: Feed your face, Morning and Evening.
Back of Box Info: Raspberries are red, Acai berries are blue, and Anthocyanins are the sweet antioxidants that give them such a rich hues. But don't let their prettiness fool you. Anthocyanins capture renegade radicals, protect, and defend. Strong but sweet? YES, please!
-- So I love this product bought it with pleasure. The smell isn't all that yummers to my tummers but it's a very good product to be using. When the beautician was applying it on the half of my face it was soothing and really relaxing once she clean it off i compared it to my "untouched" face and viola so bright and clean. It's lovely. The box was made from 80% of post consumer recycled paper. This product does NOT have - Parabens, Silicones, Pegs, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Synthetic Colors, Synthetic Fragrance, Animal By-Products.
This is my birthday present from Sephora.

So After Sephora we went to Coach [fave store] I bought this really cute card holder.
Photobucket Photobucket
It's a line off of coach call "Poppy" It's red and the designs are golden. my boyfriend said it looks like  a li xi it must mean I'm lucky to get it =) They also gave me and Ann the sample of a coach perfume. The lady was SUPER nice to us and helped us out a lot. Thanks to Ann for choosing my color because she knows me so well <3 

Next we visit H&M =)
[Black Dress]
Size: 12
Length: 2-4 inches above my knees
Type: Strapless
-- So I bought this dress it is fabulous =) looks EXACTLY like the one i wanted from french connection perfect too and in a modest price. The only thing i dislike about this dress are the wires the keeps the shape. sure it's good for keeping shape but it's really uncomfortable when sitting at dinner.
[Letter Printed shirt]
Size: Large
Length: However you stretch it
Type: T-shirt-ish
-- I find this cute. Although you can see all my flaw bumps but oh well. Wear some leggings under and boots and you are ready to head out for a fun night =)
-- Pearl bracelet twisted with a black ribbon. Simple and neat and oh so adorable! =D
[Right: Pins]
-- I bought these pins because they look vintage and adorably cute =) I'm planning to put the pin with the lady's head in the middle of my dress.
@Ann: Yes $5.00 doesn't hurt at all =)
Now in DSW

[White Mountain Boots]
-- I previously viewed this in Alloy magazine and they were called Ludlow boots. Then I became ecstatic to find these at DSW [Designer Shoe Warehouse] although pricey but I was willing to pay

Sephora: $85.00
Coach: $51.00
H&M: $72.67
DSW: $59.95
Kyo's Timberland boots from Champions: $89.99
TOTAL: $358.61

I didn't buy much for myself I bought this:
Philosophy Shampoo, Body wash, & Bubble Bath
Smell: Creme Brulee
-- Smell soooooooo good that I used a lot and there is still a lot smell. It has a rich consistency and when you lather it sooo silky and smooth =D
-- The rest of the day I bought Kyo clothes; H&M Shirt and jacket, Express jeans and boxers.
-- I also bought Kyo and Hannie WoW game cards for them to pay =)
-- Bought some gift cards for people to use <3

Sephora: $37.00
H&M: $104.90
Express: $123.04
Gamestop: $59.98
Starbucks: $20.00

TOTAL: $344.92

-- Ok omg I died on Sunday because
1.) I rarely had sleep
2.) I spent a little over $500 in just a matter of minutes
3.) I was breaking in my heels
~ So on Sunday I bought a PS3 =) [YES finally a system!] So for the PS3 I bought the game heavy rain, another duel shock controller, and warranty [does not cover theft or stolen]
Then I went to Victoria Secrets with Phi Phi Ngo to get girl stuff =) 5 -- for $25
So it was worth the price. Me and Kyo had fun hanging with Phi and Hannie.. The guys had their time and us girls had our time =)

Gamestop: $480.90
Victoria's Secrets: $25.00

TOTAL: $505.09

-- After class I RAN to class I was probably 10 minutes late but it was fine by the teacher. Kyo came with me of course but he had to sit and wait. 
-- After class we went to Prudential so I can get a dress from French Connection.
~ It's a black plain strapless it's well worth the money to get something that you can dress up and down.
Afterward we went to eat at the cheesecake factory so much fun I swear it's the best date we had in ALONG time. But after that we went to gamestop. While Kyo was looking at games at gamestop for me I stopped by Sephora to pick up a few more things.
- Amazing Concealer in Light Medium beige
- Philosophy Shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath in apricot cream.
- Face wipes w/ Pomegranate scent [yums]
I wanted to have a little treat so I cross to Godiva and got myself a Milk chocolate caramel [I fell in love with this drink after my friend Thu introduced me to it]
I also bought a box of chocolate desert for us to munch on while playing games.
Not only that but of ALL days my computer table broke so I got a new one from walmart. The game that we got was heavy rain and i pre-ordered Assasin's creed Brotherhood =)

Gamestop: $100.00
French Conenction: $128.00
Sephora: $59.50
Walmart: $62.03
Cheesecake Factory: $55.00
Godiva: $9.69

TOTAL: $414.22

-- To tell you the truth this took me ALMOST a week to finish this BLOG! lmao I'm serious! I have school and homework and projects to do like omg... Not only that I also got Call of Duty: Black Operation. So you wanna add like $64.00. so that's it.. =)
-- I've been using the Super product and my acne is actually going away so I'm happy =)


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