Monday, November 1, 2010

Rich Brat of this modern world.

You are a sad brat. Being fashionable doesn't mean you have to be RICH, it means to have your OWN style and apparently you only buy looks by the price. The shoes you picked out are worse than what kes$ha would wear hun [sorry] no in the matter of fact... You are a Ke$ha from your other "fashion" loving posts.

Literally everyone has there own fashion sense SOME people don't, those are the one that picks out wrong size, cuts, style, and many others.

H&M = classy and pricey but still affordable.
AJ wright = not as much but if you find the right clothes you're alright.

I admit I'm not a FASHIONISTA nor I'm rich But I do have a common sense to not spend all I have in 1 day. I also have a common sense of MYSELF and MY own style.

This girl and her blog doesn't have "style" her "style" is more like
1.) "How much is it?" -over abundance price- "I'll take it"
2.) "How much is it?" -very low price- "Are you shitting me that's stupid why should I buy cheap shit."

I'm going to tell you this once you read this.
I use to be the same must buy everything pricey and stand out. But you know what when I bought pricey shit I had a style not following trends and TRYING to be someone I'm not.

Your post make me sad because I still cant believe we have you immature brats still hanging around and NEVER growing up. Yea sure you can grow up by the looks but your personality stinks up the place like some CHEAP perfume. YEA I'm serious CHEAP ASS PERFUME. I know you've heard of it and probably wear it too since you don't go by smells you go by the price. RIGHT?

There is a reason why you're pathetic not only does this post MAKES you look bad. It means you don't have a common sense and shows you're a bratty BITCH. I'm not afraid to yell at you and come at you if you make the first move then yea. But whoever you started the war with I hope you know how to end it.

You CAN come at me with "you're fat, you have no fashion in you, your style is like every other whore" well let me tell you this "you're right" what ever you say it's right. Just send me the check that is addressed to me hun. Because I've been through REAL shit MORE than you. You know how I know your soon to be moves, because you're a brat and can only come with words that I've dealt with already and had put behind me.

Your Style: white trash whore [known as Ke$sha]
My style & Many other MIDDLE CLASSES: Classy even in H&M

So fuck off from the blog you DON'T Deserve the title FASHIONSTA because you're just ignorant and pathetic to think that.

[This rant is written by SushiPalooza and I 100% approve of this rant]


bostoniancouture said...

Hilarious, i wanna link this on my website but obviously she'll stalk my website again + it's too mean =]

Sushiipalooza said...

it's all for you hun <3

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