Friday, December 31, 2010

I look effin hilarious


 This morning i was just doing a daily things.. or weekly... whatever... but yea lately my face has been SUPER oily and dry since Christmas was over and I had money I spent it =] YEP! I spent it on face masks, face scrub, and cotton pad [really was in need of them]. The face masks i bought from Forever 21 in Copley on Newbury street. I had a gift card from Ann as a christmas present. In the picture I'm using the green tea face mask =] green tea is good for your skin naturally. Why? Well....
- Green tea is naturally rich in antioxidant that will diminish weeks of dirt and grime + oil from your face. because we live in a no-so-great environment [hint hint] for example: smoking, sunlight, pollution. You would need something to just diminish it so yea you can have a healthy face not a face full of harsh chemicals. It's an organic product to put on your face for a bit to relax. [I wasn't relax my boyfriend persuade me to play COD: Black ops... So I was amped the whole time =P] 
~Note: I do not wear makeup -.-" but I've been stressing a lot and haven't been taking good care of my skin so I needed the mask.

Anyways BEFORE using the mask I use the St. Ives Apricot scrub. It's a face scrub that has exfoliating bead in them to break down and prevent blemishes and blackheads. It's an oil free product and it's perfectly alright with the skin. Although you would think "But it'll dry out my skin" - No it does not =] it feels like it but it has moisturizer in the scrub.  The beads feels harsh but trust me it's for exfoliating your skin =] Now you don't want dead skin on your face to clog your pores right =] 

So After the scrub I used to Biore pore strips. I cannot be too careful on just depending on the scrubs. I need a little more help on cleaning the pores out. I had to put it on until it has fully dry to peel off. Well i wouldn't need to tell you guys since you guys know how to use it =]

So These are the mask I bought at Forever 21. It's about $2-$3 each. I used the green tea mask [far left] and it smells terrific and relaxing [mind you i was amped during black ops] and the other two ate yogurt masks. One is strawberry and the other is kiwi. It's just to smooth your skin. I bought a separate inexpensive large foundation brush JUST for the yogurt mask. I do now want to use my other make up foundation brush with the yogurt mask.

But yea this was just a quick note on what to do =P I got bored and since i haven't been updating I should correct? =] 

 Tip: Try investing in some inexpensive blotting paper. Yes your skin will feel fine but it might get oily during the day so you want something that will get the excess oil off your face. I bought this at Forever 21 for around $3-$4. it has a mirror and everything. =] -Loo at my macbook pro!- lol!

Happy New Years and have a clean and safe day ^.^

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A pleasant surprise

So I just literally woke up. I went to the bathroom then checks the mail and what do I find? A package but from who? Well durh LINDA TRAN!! <3

Such a pleasant surprise to see a package in my mail =] Made my day starting out brighter ^.^

I had to cover the address don't want anyone stalking up on me and linda ya know ;] lol So anyways I received this mini package in my mail box [how awesome!] It's like surrounded by clear tape! but hey at least it didn't fall out or else I'd be screwed =D

 So the back of the package [i tend to take pics of it] is a cute sleeping bear I think =D

I got really frustrated when I couldn't open it lol -NO I did not have nay scissors around-


So these were in the package a loving letter, 2 Rimmel london exaggerate waterproof eye definer, an earring & necklace set from forever21, silk scented paper soap, NYX - Goddess of the night lipgloss, and a white silk dress with lace in the front.

Thank You Chi Linda <3
--I cannot wait till you're back in Boston =]

-Do not forget to check out my new blog Thanks a bunch <3

Sunday, December 12, 2010

WTH happened to Sushi?

Well, thing is... I've been busy lately especially with school. Finals are coming up and I have LOTS of things to do. I've missed some homework because I was out sick. But it's reading beside I'm passing the class.

So I guess December IS my lucky month. 3 interview in one week. 1 interview on Tuesday 7th, and 2 interviews on Thursday 9th. Not only the interview went great BUT... -pause for greatest effect- I GOT THE JOB. YEP! I am hired and working for California Pizza Kitchen [CPK] in the Cambridge Side Galleria Mall. My position is a server and they are absolutely delightful. I was interviewed by 2 people. They both loved me. But there was one specific problem. My school schedule. Since training was on Monday at 4pm i wouldn't make it. The reason I was hired? Well they convinced the trainer to fix the time or move the training date to weekends for me to attend to. So she moved it to 6pm which is an hour AFTER I finish my class =) so yes I'm hired ^.^ not only that it doesn't take more then 20 minutes to get to the mall since it's SO close to the school. I simply hop on the Forest hill train to North Station [one stop] then get off hop on the green line to Lechmere get off at Lechmere Station then walk to the mall simple as that =)

But yes that's my update. I'm currently in the mist of making a few other blogs like "Sushi's College Adventure" and "Life Of Working"

Still in the mist of making it. I might start up my very own website. I don't know yet but I'm aiming for the 2 new blogs =)