Saturday, January 15, 2011

2010 Beauty Favorites - A Tag

I've been tagged!!! D=
So this is a beauty tag. Meaning I have to answer the questions that are asked. I was tagged by Linda =P
Here we goooo

1-Which lipstick/ lip gloss did you use most often in 2010?

I would use the sephora brand lipstick in Rouge. It's creamy and so comfortable. I love how the lipstick is very pigmented and vibrant. Especially when I was a vampire on Halloween.

2-What was your favorite eyeshadow this year?

For eyeshadow I love the colorful duo eyeshadow from the Sephora collection in shimmering peachy gold/ shimmering cool bark it's more of the natural look I love. A bit of pigment and a bit of shine. Perfect for school, holidays and date or dinner parties =]

3-What product for the complexion (foundation, blush, etc.,) did you use the most?

I used the Amazing Cosmetics concealer in medium beige, I believe it's kind of light but not really it's hard to hard the right color since i have a bit of different shades on my skin. I don't use foundation since the concealer brightens up the area of my face and make my skin look perfect enough I only would need to set it with the Clinique superbalanced powder makeup SPF15 in 02 natural. It's a dry combination for those who have oily skin. It comes with a small flatten brush which is great for on the go but other than that I use the Lancome fluffy brush for the powder.
4-Your favorite nail polish color of 2010?

I LOVE the color RED! Of course it was in style for the year =D but in my terms red is forever my favorite color. It goes great on my nails and it matches. I only use the OPI nail lacquer [I'm so asian] I grew up knowing this brand so I trust it with my instant. I also love Sally Hansen Diamond strength top coat. I love it since it doesn't chip at all. [Not a fan of her quick dry nail polishes though]

5-Which skin care product would you not give up under any circumstances?
Literally my Lancome Tonique Douceur. It smells good and it has an ingredient which is rose water. It helps the redness go down after cleansing my face with a cleanser.

6-What is your favorite personal care product?
 My Crest 3D white toothpaste and mouth wash. It actually works but it does take time for it to fully whitens. I'm planning to buy the strips soon. I find the 3D crest toothbrush is just like any other toothbrush. Just change your tooth brush every 3 months so avoid bacteria from growing. Also tongue scraper do not forget em =D

7- Your usually worn fragrance in 2010?
For 2010 I use the Marc Jacobs Lola Eau De Parfum Natural Spray. [That size in picture] I love the smell not to strong but vibrant. It also compliment my natural smell [the odor I already have] I love the cap to this it's so cute. It's still very full I only use it for special occasions.
8-What was your personal favorite jewelry piece?

So a few months ago I bought this sterling silver necklace over ebay and I turned out to be in love with the brand. it's so nice you can just buy other charms and switch it around. It would also cause an attraction to many other people when they see my necklace and ask where did I buy the necklace. Well it's from Thomas Sabo charm. The charm is a wing and a dog tag with an imprint of the wing on it.
9-What have you discovered in 2010 that is new for you (new products, inspirations, blogs, hobbies, etc.,)?

In 2010 the new thing's I've discover is that I'm good with hair, still an amateur on makeup [but I have the right mind set to make people not look like a clown] , want to start my own website, wants to try different things and HAVE more skills to work on. I also love blogging in 2010 I began to blog more and more. Foudn someone to look up to but she was a fake all along.

10- Do you have resolutions for 2011? If so, what are they?
For 2011, cut soda out, lose weight, gain confident, blog more, learn more skills in makeup, start a website.

I don't have many followers so I'm only tagging one person.


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I got the crest white strips that I was going to sale. lol. Thanks for doing the tag =] I enjoyed reading it!

Sushiipalooza said...

I can't sleep so =D hahaha

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