Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year resolution

My new year resolution wasn't fun to think about you see it took alt of hard thinking ya know why because there are a lot of things to look through there for these are my resolution;

1) cut soda from my life
2) lose weight/hit the gym
3) no more making new friends
4) study hard in school
5) work well and hard at work
6) stop my shopping problem
7) stay true to REAL friends
8) get good on black ops and other fps games
9) make peace with my dad
10) be happy as can be

Yes I know there are 10 resolution and I'm determine to get them! Don't come and tell me I'm fine the way I look or whatever because I want to make myself happy. No more new friends because I have a problem with trust and I am not ready to be fucked over by idiots who do not understand what friendship mean. And stop my shopping problem because I buy stuff to fill a void that can NEVER be filled. 

Other than that Happy New Year 2011 everyone have the best year of your life. And no 2012 won't happen just a conspiracy.


xoladiihoneyxo said...

We shall hit the gym together and work out when I'm back for the summer or just walk over to Wollaston beach near the house! It's too late for Winter... still home but lazyyyy. What's wrong with making new friends? O_O' just cut the drama out of your life! Stop procrastinating and studyyy girl. Keep your mind thinking. Which gym are you planning to join anyways? Super Fitness is a good, motivated place. The YMCA isn't so bad either but you won't be as motivated. I heard Planet Fitness (purple/yellow place) is cheap and got lots of things for you to do. You know what you should do? With the money you make, you should save it up for a shopping spree next year and treat yourself... hmm, 4x throughout the year, excluding that shopping spree.

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