Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fun Pro's and Con's

--Had a chat with my god-sister Thu and while watching Bridal Plasty I find myself amusing--
  • I am amazed by sharks and want to swim with them BUT I'm scared of them.
  • I love the beach BUT I'm scared of the ocean
  • I would like to travel by any transportation BUT I'm scared of any type of boat [even a yacht]
  • I'm intrigued by plastic surgery and ALWAYS wanted one BUT I look perfect enough
  • I'm a manicurist and I'm good at the job BUT I hate being one
  • I like make up BUT I hate wearing it
  • I LOVE playing Black Ops BUT it get me dizzy, queazy, and I'm bored easily [BUT I love playing in Nuke Town >=D]
  • I like to listen to Glee Songs/Covers BUT I hate their concept in the shows.
So yea pretty much it.. I have weird interests. =]


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