Monday, March 7, 2011

Reasons to why I wear make up

You see this picture what would come to mind; flawless, natural, beauty. Truthfully through my eyes I see many flaws because I made this face to be flawless. I use make up to cover the imperfections that are needed. I would never say I'm ugly in ANYWAY; overweight - of course I would think that. But NEVER ugly, why? because I'm beautiful to the heart. I'm a loving girlfriend, friend, daughter, and sister and nothing will EVER put me down on that. Sure people call me fat, I become moody and sad but you know what I get over it in a snap. But to go on about my make up... Well it's flawless. I'm perfect it to make it PERFECT to my liking. I only wear make up once in a blue moon because well, I don't have to impress ANYONE. But the days I do wear make up, it's to feel like a new person, a bit more confident. Truthfully I hate make up. The tackiness, the mess, the colors. It's hard to keep up. But I do things to make it flawless. One tip is to spray a mist of water on your face then dab with a sponge to give the airbrush look. Why buy airbrush machine when you can do it the dinosaur way! I don't like how vibrant the lipsticks are so I still use lipstick but I use it to tint my lips so it wont be overwhelming. I buy make up because I want it, not because I need it [Okay I lied, SOMETIMES I need it] but I have SO MUCH eyeshadow palette that aren't in use that I would just give it to anyone if I felt like it.

So my reasons? To feel confident and perfect the imperfections.

What I used:
- Amazing Cosmetics Concealer [Medium Beige]
- Bare Mineral Foundation Powder
- Rimmel London Exaggerate Water Proof Eye Definer [26|Noir]
- Maybelline Lip Stick [645|Red Revival]
- Fresh Up Balm [Cherry]

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xoladiihoneyxo said...

You're not overweight em so don't think that way! I never even thought of you that way all these years I've known you and I know you for hella long time!! hmm, have you ever thought of wearing tinted moisturizer on a daily base to boost your confidence? Nothing wrong with wearing makeup to embrace your beauty; just don't over-do it every day!

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