Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's up?

This has been bothering me for the longest time EVER.
I'm going to have to get this off of my chest since I know you read my blog KYO!
Yea, that's right I'm calling it on you mister!

I'm tired of your damn douche bag ego that I've been hearing. Not a lot of people like you, ya know. You need to stop talking to MY friends like they're yours... truthfully I could care less if they like to be your friends.... But it's really low to put them in your little "scheme" to rid me of the people I care dearly for. Not only that you would say shit about me? ARE YOU EFFIN SERIOUS?!! Oh my favorite sentence from you:

Kyo 8:02 pm
I've been dating her for 2 years and I know for a fact that anna can't think for herself.. I don't even know why people come to her for advice.. she gets advice from her boyfriends and older sister.. >_>

Yes, you've dated me for 2 years... but within those 2 years you've learn NOTHING from me. if I cannot think for myself then why would you say this.

Anthony: (1:00:37 AM)Lol.. I don't understand how you can be so happy manipulating everyone.. dehumanizing everyone. Thinking one little lie won't hurt. I'm not the one to make all your friends go away. You are. You're boring in conversation. You're fake and people see through you. Your ego came from me. Pretty soon everyone's going to grow up and see you for who you are. Have fun with what you have left, you messed up big time. pretty soon you're gonna go straight to where I picked you up. And to think I extended my hand out for you. Disgusting.

Oh yes baby, I've got you with your little damn scheme. Within those 2 years, darling I played you hard and manipulated your damn mind... It's very easy that one little conversation can lead to another and you would trust people so easily. You are weak and ANYONE can get to you... You thought I was a dumb bimbo that can't do shit for herself! But guess what baby, I got my GED, I signed up for college, did ALL of my paperworks, got a job and did great for my first year of college. Oh and what were YOU doing the whole time after you got your GED.... Playing games, eating, sleeping... while I get up and go to school early... and work as a freaking SERVER till night... I don't even get home till midnight sweetie... I didn't even have time for homework, and I manage to finish my homework under all that stress along with managing at least 4 hours of sleep. And you were telling me Hannie was mad at you because you didn't have a responsibility in the world? Well you're wrong! I understand how he felt juggling school, work, a relationship, and having a CAREER! I remember you told me, your mother and Hannie that you would study for the police exam and exercise for it... When I tell you it's time to study the books, you tell me you want to get in shape before studying.... then when we had that argument you told me I neglected to sit down and study that same goddam book with you, by then I knew you were bringing up stupid excuses... I had my own work to deal with baby I can't do your work too. I told you to sign up for BHCC with me but you said "no" remember? Oh I know you remember... since you're "smart" or so you say... Your mother ALWAYS ask me why didn't you follow me and go to college. You know what I'm glad you didn't... I think it was mainly my fault for mothering you way too much like buying you stuff and caring for you way too much. Oh well...

But GET THE FUCK OVER IT! Like seriously, We broke up mutually... What the hell don't you understand under that? Both of us talked together and agreed... in fact you agreed in a snap. So what is the problem? That I ended up seeing another guy? Is that it? Like seriously I know you skipped denial... but being in pain then ended up with vengeance.. well not vengeance but that's the way I see it.. Trying to rid me of friends... ARE YOU SERIOUS? I know you have friends... just keep away from mines... you know the ones you "hate". Your mask may be perfect to other eyes but my eyes sees it all. You just don't realize the potentials and intentions I have. You molded me or at least try to, I didn't take your ego... I developed the ego so babe hush up. Going on my PS3 account, you don't think I know? My boyfriend was online and told me! You're fucking disgusting, don't ever think you can get away with the shit you do. Even with a job you're still NOTHING. 

Good-bye and Good luck babe... You'll need it in life with that douche bag of an ego.
--Behing every bitch is a guy who made her that way--
+Thank you Kyo, I became a manipulative bitch that you've ALWAYS wanted, the one that can never be stepped over.+


xoladiihoneyxo said...

lol... "behind every bitch is a guy who made her that way" is definitely something I've been wanting to say and you definitely need to tweet that sweetheart. And that guy.... tsk tsk tsk on him! You moved on and since he agreed to it so fast, he should get over himself unless he thought you was going to cherish him like he is your whole entire world. I'm damn proud of you for getting through so keep up the good work dear! Hey, 4 hours of sleep a night is better than none at all... =[ It is so goddamn tiring that its so hard to focus on life and the material you're actually trying to learn, I'll tell you that much.

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