Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Update =]

I'm still ALIVE!
I've been busy lately with well school first of all, and with the new guy I'm seeing.

First of all I passed all of my classes which is amazing with all of my procrastination. So I'm actually planning to take a few summer courses to get more credits to transfer schools. Probably math, reading, and writing... anything to make my pre-requisted finish faster.

Other than that a week ago or two there was this guy is was the president of familyradio.org [or .com] I don't really know. He said there was to be a rapture on May 21st, 2011.
Yea... still here.... great job trying to decoding it for the 2nd time but you were wrong since it's too early.
Quote; Matthew 24:6 "But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven,but My Father only." If Harold camping actually decoded the bible then he would know that he cannot set the date and time of when the rapture would happen.
Sure I'm not a Christian but those who are, please don't force your religion on people because after this catastrophe you look plainly ridiculous. I don't mean to insult those who are Christian but that's what I think.

But yes, I do believe that the world would end some day but not anytime soon.

OKAY.. now other than that!
I'm seeing this new guy whom I use to work with at CPK, we went on a date before it was fun. Watched hall pass, ate pinkberry together. I still remember it clearly. Things are going easy, no intimacy. I want a REAL relationship this time, not the hook ups that last for like 2 years and go down hill. Trust me I've been throughout many to know what I really want right now. But yes I'm seeing a new guy and I don't regret my decision to do so. 
The both of us used to work at CPK, I quit for my very own reason. He quit for a much better job which is great since he works around the evening and gets home by night to see me. We've went out a bunch of time since we started seeing each other, eating at restaurants and I don't have to pay. It felt weird because I'm usually the one paying but nice change I guess. We argue together about who's paying and he always wins since he tickles me or picks me up.

So things have been going well I'm planning to continue my work out at the gym during the summer, and finding a job OR work at the nail salon since my mom's boss gave me a job offer which is great. Of course getting back to my youtube channel and well living a great life. 

-Sushi =] 


xoladiihoneyxo said...

seems like you finally found a decent guy!

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