Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Life goes on...

So lately I haven't been on this blog like crazy I'm more on tumblr.

But I have a good-ish shock-ish news, which is me and my boyfriend is currently expecting.
Yes there is a mini person on the way =]

My due date is June 2nd, I'm glad to hear that but at the same time not so much. More of a bitter-sweet moment. The good way is that a least I'm not ill in any way, the doctor thought something is wrong with my blood or my thyroid but nope ^.^ bad part now everything has to be on hold well just traveling and growing up to take care of the baby. I will continue school through online classes with the help of advisors from BHCC. I'm also trying to find a job and put in a lot of hours to save up money for the baby. The father of the baby is basically my boyfriend, no surprise xD his family is very supportive with us... His dad offer to help baby sit and to buy us a crib... I love his family they're so nice and always asking me how I'm doing. I'm planning to move in with my bf and his family around January or February just for a couple of months to a year then save up money for an apartment. I know for a fact my mother isn't supportive which will be hard on me but oh well life goes on and I will make the best of it.

So, October and it already snowed... Now it's november so countdown begins before my birthday ^.^(11/14) I'm planning to go to the melting pot with my bff, bf, and my ex's gf (i keep stealing her xD) but so far my life has been great!

-Pictures of my ultrasound will be up later on-


xoladiihoneyxo said...

Congrat babe! You know you can do a baby register at Babies R'Us right? Or anywhere actually... pretty much go through the whole entire store with the scanner thing and just click away on things you want. I did it for one of my friend's baby shower. The thing is, don't do it too early because then some of the things are most likely to not be there anymore or hard to find, like in my situation which I got frustrated with but do it maybe within four months prior to the baby shower that way... the person get to pick what you REALLY WANT for the baby.

I'm happy for you! Can't wait to see the belly =D

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