Friday, March 11, 2011

Care Package From Linda =]

So I walked out the door and ALWAYS I mean always.. I look in the mail box to see if the mailman pass by, I saw a package that was for me FROM my chi hai ^.^ and a letter for my sis lol [who cares about that part]
 --Chi hai the top left of the package it was opened, so I don't know what fell out so you tell me i took the pics of the stuff inside

There was this CUTE little note inside of the package for me =] that little orange spot is highlighted by a highlighter.

U.S. Air Force calculator!
- This made my day since me and my BF was making fun of the calculator. Since it was from the U.S Air Force we made C.O.D jokes about how it can calculate the direct hit for planes and where to put the spy plane =D

-- Yes the items =] which includes:

Pens, Highlighters, Tide to-go, Earrings, Necklace, Hot dark chocolate coco, 2 lollipops [my baby brother stole one]

-- So chi tell me if anything is missing! =] And Thanks a bunch ^.^ I'm definitely taking you out on your birthday once you come back =]


xoladiihoneyxo said...

there was more pens than that and a pink hi-lighter!!!! I sent you like a hole box of pens but I just took them out of the box -__-' Eh, oh well, nothing else seems to be missing... I don't think. lol. I know you love accessories ;] ahh! My signature is exposed! now people are going to try to fraud it =T

Sushiipalooza said...

no one can make that nice signature! lol but dam... you need to tape the hell out of it more!

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