Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A pleasant surprise

So I just literally woke up. I went to the bathroom then checks the mail and what do I find? A package but from who? Well durh LINDA TRAN!! <3

Such a pleasant surprise to see a package in my mail =] Made my day starting out brighter ^.^

I had to cover the address don't want anyone stalking up on me and linda ya know ;] lol So anyways I received this mini package in my mail box [how awesome!] It's like surrounded by clear tape! but hey at least it didn't fall out or else I'd be screwed =D

 So the back of the package [i tend to take pics of it] is a cute sleeping bear I think =D

I got really frustrated when I couldn't open it lol -NO I did not have nay scissors around-


So these were in the package a loving letter, 2 Rimmel london exaggerate waterproof eye definer, an earring & necklace set from forever21, silk scented paper soap, NYX - Goddess of the night lipgloss, and a white silk dress with lace in the front.

Thank You Chi Linda <3
--I cannot wait till you're back in Boston =]

-Do not forget to check out my new blog http://working-capabilities.blogspot.com/ Thanks a bunch <3


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