Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's Been Going on?

So what is up? =)
Nothing? Ah I see =P
Well I've been hanging out with my friends. Most fun week EVER!!! =D
So Friday I went to the USS Salem haunted ship near the Weymouth bridge in the ship yard. It was fun, Thu and I ran through the maze while I screamed ALOT!! I was in major shock half the time. She led the way of course I'm really blinded in the dark and she's not. So while running I fell and messed up both of my knees pretty bad >.< it's scraped and bruised but I would be fine ^.^
You know how you are suppose to WALK through haunted houses/places... well there was only 2 of us so we ran like hell! got out in 10 minutes ~woot~ new record =D lol
It was also our first time going there, I got to say I recommend going there it's worth the money just WATCH YOUR STEP! I'm serious!! I forgot battle ships door ways are elevated so I tripped and fell.
-- If you have to RUN LIKE HELL!! =D
-- Try not to punch the workers there, It's not nice >.<
     ~ Even if your instinct try to hold it in.
-- Remember they aren't real lol (OBVIOUSLY)
So yea...
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I will be back with more updates but for now check out these site.
-- Much love,
Sushi <3 


xoladiihoneyxo said...

I've never even been on that ship even though I drive by it so many times and live so close! lol. Glad you had fun, no pix!?

Do you know how much Ebay take from you from each items you sell?

Sushiipalooza said...

It depends 1 photo to upload is free the next at like 15 cent that's why I upload it on photobucket and paste it into my description box under the items I'm selling. other than that it's free =) just keep it at 5 business days and you're fine ^.^
and no pix i was running and screaming woman!! lmao <3

bostoniancouture said...

<3 !!! hhahahah

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