Monday, February 22, 2010

weekly update

So it's my weekly update =]

This whole week have been so stressful trying to find a job, re-downloading all of the things back on my computer.
ANYWAYS my new computer is awesome, windows 7, I have to say it lives it to its' potential. When i first start it and plugged in my printer and web cam it automatically find the program download it then update it. it's so awesome i didn't need a disk for it =]
on the other hand i started playing WoW [world of warcraft] it's ok not that addicting but it get me pissed when i die or they don't spawn back as quickly. But yea for people who play WoW my IGN is Sushipalooza.
The next events that are coming up
-- AB pre reg at tokyo kid
-- A friend's birthday party
-- AB day [3 days]
but yea i need money to buy my skirt just to wear that day with is like $59.00 [includes shipping and handling] and then pre-reg which is like $45.00. then my friend's birthday the movies and her dinner too, oii so much money going to be wasted the next 2 months lol and i need a job like SERIOUSY! so many interviews in the past but no luck like wth i should probably start training in nail since i have my liscens it'll be at least a little something for me to do while waiting for my GED test date.
OMG i have the most crazy idea EVER Dye-ing my hair red [what do you think] not like regular red like bright red enough to see it through BUT it's $130 damn lol.
So i have a site for you guys to check out:
-- don't be shy and ask my question even if it's rude.


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